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We come far to this stage get our story below.


How we made the difference

Welcome to Simply Events SA. We look forward to bringing you the good customer service and quality products.

To make things simple and easy for you to get. As we started in 2018 in our own house, Johannesburg we had the passion for working with people and making their work appreciated by their clients by the beautiful centrepieces and deco equipment that we provide. We have made things easy to access through our website, Facebook page, telephone, email and WhatsApp, less hassle for you. 

Our mission is to give our customers good service and quality products. Also bring new and exciting ideas for people that are in the events industry. To inspire and motivate any person in any department of work by the hard work and passion that we will show through our work.

Our vision is to not only grow our customer database but also in their hearts by the unforgettable equipment and accessories that we supplied for them to make beautiful and memorable moments for their clients. Think of us as part of every event or occasion that will be hosted, we want to share and show case to all your events. “When they ask just say Simply Events SA”

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